Fitness Classes

Cicero Family Fitness offers a wide-variety of fitness classes for members of all ages and abilities.

Barre-Fit/Cardio Barre

These classes consist of modern, challenging, and all-inclusive barre workouts that sculpt your body while providing a high-calorie burn and are set to an up-tempo and fun mix of music. They incorporate weights, therabands, exercise balls, and the ballet barre to build core strength while developing long, lean, and flexible muscles. These classes are done bare foot or with socks. Mats are available or bring your own.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

Barre-Fit Gold

This adaptation of Barre-Fit is designed for the active aging adult. While using the barre, small exercise balls, and a variety of other equipment, develop long, lean, and flexible muscles. Increase core strength and have a great time in this cardio and strength class.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels and Low-Impact)


A part of our Rotating Sunday Schedule, this class involves cardiovascular conditioning through many traditional-type cardio exercises such as running, walking, or calisthenics as well as strength-building exercises using a variety of weights, stability balls, and body weight. Expect something different each class and enjoy the stretching at the end of this challenging and rewarding workout.

(Appropriate for Moderate to Very Active Fitness Levels)

BOSU® for Stability and Healthy Bones

Join us in a class designed for the overall healthy active aging population. With the BOSU® Trainer, light weights, and weight-bearing exercises, this class will increase bone health and functional strength, advance gait stability, and improve mental functioning. Ultimately, this class could make all of your daily movements easier to do!

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels and Low-Impact)

Cardio Burst

This half-hour heart-pumping class is a great addition to any strength or maybe a little more cardio. Get ready to sweat and move in this highly active session of cardio exercise using a variety of body weight and equipment.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

Chair Yoga

This class is a great practice for everybody by building greater range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Learn breathing practices that will improve and increase body awareness while decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. Deepen your sense of well-being and relaxation as you practice techniques in mindfulness that are easily incorporated into everyday life.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels and Low-Impact)

Circuit Revolution/Interval Circuit Training

These classes provide a full body workout with combinations of cardio and strength exercises to keep your heart pumping and challenging your strength and endurance. A variety of equipment is used in these classes including weights, therabands, battle ropes, body bars, gliders, and more. The exercises are energetic and the equipment is ever-changing! Each instructor has a different approach, so try each class for a great workout!

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

Core & More

This half-hour session strengthens the core body, from shoulders to hips, as well as the stomach muscles. Do not be surprised when you also find yourself working the lower and upper body too! Expect to challenge yourself in the best way. Take this class by itself or in addition to another strength or cardio. Bring your own mat or we can provide one for you.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)


These classes simulate outdoor cycling and can be addicting! Burn calories, improve muscular strength, and increase endurance in this music-driven class. These classes are designed to motivate and challenge you at your own level of determination and power. A towel and water bottle are necessary. 

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

Cycle Strength

With the speed and challenge of cycling, this class not only burns calories, improves muscle strength, and increases endurance but adds a weight session to target the upper or lower body. This class is a great balance of cardio and strength and is driven by your own level of determination and power. A towel and water bottle are necessary. 

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

Dance Fitness

Get a great cardio workout while having a good time moving your body in a variety of exercises. This music-driven class will increase your endurance and overall health while making you want to keep moving even after you’ve finished class.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

Heart Strong

This NEW class targets the active aging adult and involves a combination of strength and cardio exercises while focusing on balance, increasing muscle strength, and improving cardiovascular endurance. Check this new class out and be a part of its design!

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels and Low-Impact)

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™

A combination of unique resistance exercises and endurance-based cardio will challenge the metabolic burn of your body in this half-hour high-intensity class.

(Appropriate for Moderate to Very Active Fitness Levels)


This fast-paced and total body workout uses martial-arts techniques to get your heart-pumping and strengthen your muscles. Use punching bags, gloves, and a variety of other great equipment to build stamina, increase coordination, flexibility, and maybe even relieve a little stress.

(Appropriate for Moderate to Very Active Fitness Levels)


When practicing this half-hour class consistently, you will improve flexibility, increase strength, and even develop more control throughout the entire body. This endurance-building practice emphasizes body alignment, breath, and strengthening the core while improving balance and coordination. Bring your own mat or we can provide one. See Pilates with a Ball on our Rotating Sunday Schedule.

(Appropriate All Fitness Levels)

Strength & Balance

A low-intensity total body workout utilizing the Step and Stability Ball with strength moves for a maximum fat-burning workout. Modifications will be given for all levels of fitness.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels and specifically designed for the Beginner)

Strength 'n Chisel

This class takes you through a combination of endurance-building cardio and strength exercises. All of the major muscle groups will be challenged through toning and sculpting weight-based and body-weight exercises. Be ready to move on your feet using difference routines and a variety of equipment.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

Strength N' Power

Increase total body strength and endurance. This class includes a warm up, followed by a rotation of weights and cardio strength moves. Your heart will be pumping during moves that include multiple muscle groups at the same time and add weights to increase caloric burn. Interval bursts of strengthening cardio moves are also included through body weight exercises.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

Spinning® Xpress

Take this half-hour version for an intense cycling workout. Burn calories, improve muscle strength, and increase endurance by challenging your determination and power. A towel and water bottle are necessary.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)

WillPower & Grace

This class is on our Rotating Sunday Schedule and is a barefoot cardio workout and may change how you think about fitness. This class combines the intensity of boot camp with the self-awareness of yoga practice as well as the discipline of Pilates. Lastly, expect the uplifting philosophy of a meditation session.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels)


Calm your mind and your body. Breathing, stretching, and strength-building poses are combined to improve muscle tone, range of motion, flexibility, and reduce stress. This is a great class by itself or in addition to your fitness routine. See our Yoga with a Ball on our Rotating Sunday Schedule.

(Appropriate for All Fitness Levels and Low-Impact)